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You need
A cleaner which directly produces an all-over wetting of the surface?
A cleaner where susceptible components, such as diaphragms and compensators, don’t allow high pressures and point force effects?
A rotating cleaner which is suitable for extremely aggressive mediums causing pitting?

We recommend here our cleaners of the DUNOSR series. The cleaning effect and/or washing effect is generated and controlled by the optimal distribution of the mass. The nozzle immediately achieves an all-over wetting thanks to the quick rotation.
Owing to the liquid storage, an excellent stability and absence of particles is guaranteed.We have put this to the test – with 1,000 hours of long-time and stress tests.
The special product for your requirements 

  Selection of different dimensions for the adaptation to available pressure and flow rates of your transport systems.
  Available also in plastic for very corrosive mediums
  Standard cleaning images 180°, 270°, 360°, special images optional.
  Hygienic outer and inner design.
  Energyloss-reduced flow.
  Design with minimized friction without mechanical bearings.
  Any fitting position,
fix or mobile fitting possible.
  ATEX approval.

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