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Welcome to World Valve Expo Online! With this privacy policy, we declare a promise to the privacy and security of our users and visitors. The following text states how the site collects users' information and uses them. Our privacy policy will be constantly improved. Along with the expansion of the site's service, we will update the policy accordingly.

At the time of your registration as a member of the site, you have agreed to use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy.
Username and password When you intend to register as a member, you are required to choose an user name and set password. You will need the password to log your account in to the site. If you accidently leak the password, you may lose your personal identification information, which may lead to adverse consequences for you. Therefore, whatever endangers your password safety, we suggest you get in touch with us through In order to ensure the safety of your account, when you change your password, we will send related link to your registered email address. The password can only be changed by clicking the link.
Registration information When you are registering as a member of Valve Expo, you will be required to fill in related registration information, including user's true name、nationality、phone number、email address、company name and company website, etc. In addition, if you are registered as an exhibitor, you will be required to provide complete company verification information, which contains company name、business license、address、phone number、website and brief introduction of company's products and service, etc. Valve Expo obtains member statistics through registration information. We will use these statistics to classify our members, such as products、industries and countries, so as to provide new service and opportunities to our members to the point. The site will inform you of these new service and opportunities by mails.
Your use behavior We track IP address to identify the authenticity of the users' identity、product displaying and inquiry interaction, in order to ensure the security and meet other requirements by national laws. If there is no security issue found, the site will delete the IP address we collected sixty days later. We also track daily page visiting datas, which reflect the site's traffic and helps us make plans for future development and improve our service(e.g., add website servers). Other datas from your daily product displaying and inquiry interaction will be used to analyze and classify the members, which helps us provide new service and opportunities to our members to the point. The site will inform you of these new service and opportunities by mails.

Automatic information collection

Valve Expo may automatically receive and record your browser and computer information, which includes your IP address、cookie information、software and hardware features and record of the webpage you browsed.
The use of cookies Cookies are small datas which sent to your browser and stored in your computer when you use the site, if you didn't refuse to accept cookies. We use cookies to store the related information about your visit to our site. When you first visit or repeat visit Valve Expo, we can identify you and provide you with better service based on the analysis of these datas. You have right to choose to accept or reject cookies. You can modify your browser's settings to reject them, but we need to remind you that you may not be able to use part of our website that relies on cookies due to your rejection of these cookies.
Disclosure and use of information We're not going to provide、sell、rent、share or trade users' personal information to any unrelated third parties. However, for your better use of the service of Valve Expo platform、Valve associated companies and other organizations (hereinafter refer to as other service), you agree and authorize Valve Expo to transfer your personal information to Valve associated companies and other organizations which you agreed to be served by, or Valve Expo can obtain your personal information from Valve associated companies and other organizations which you've been served by.

We will carry out comprehensive statistics analysis on the datas of your company's and your identity、product displaying and inquiry interaction on the site. In addition, Valve Expo may disclosure the statistics to the advertising party based on appropriate purpose and use. But in these cases, we will not disclosure any information which may be used to identify users' personal identity. However, those information which can be obtained based on analysis of username and other free-to-disclosure data are not subject to this restriction.

Our site published the product information and business opportunities provided by our users. And other users can see and inquire about these information on the site.

When we are obliged by law or in accordance with the requirements of the government as well as the obligees, in order to identify suspicious infringement of users' rights, we will disclose your information with good intensions.
Storage and exchange of information The collected user information and data will be stored on the server of Valve Expo platform and its associated companies.
External links This site contains links to other websites. Valve Expo is not responsible for the privacy protection of these sites. We may increase websites of business partners or shared brands at any time if necessary.
Displayed product information The company and product information you displayed will be shown in public areas on the site, which is accessible to all the users. Please note that all the information displayed in these areas will be public.Careful consideration is recommended when you display your personal and product information.
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