World Valve Expo Online
Terms of Use
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Definition

Warning: Valve Expo will warm the users about their violation behavior through phone calls、SMS and mails, etc. Users will be required to correct immediately, if not, further penalty will be practiced.

Deletion: Valve Expo will delete the related illegal information, deleted information can't be retrieved by users.

Membership degrade: The product information displayed by the users will be ranked behind.

Account restriction: Valve Expo will takes actions including, but not limited to the below: suspend the visiting access to the booth, put the displayed product off the shelf or remove the information (if applicable)、suspend users' permission to display product information, etc. Membership degraded users will need to pay the service cost as usual, and their membership period shall not be extended accordingly.

Account closure: Valve Expo will terminate any service to the users, and service fee shall not be refunded.

Chapter 3 Overview
Section 1 Account registration
Account registration
Account management
Section 2 Management
Information displaying/management
Chapter 4 Violation and treatment
Section 1 Definition of violation
Section 2 Types of violations
Display illegal/prohibited information
Information displaying/management
Infringement of intellectual property rights
False product information
Abuse of user rights
Inappropriate propaganda
Disturb the market order
In default on the service fee to Valve Expo
Section 3 Execution of violations punishment
Section 4 Appeal against the violations punishment

World Valve Expo Online
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