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Electrical Heating Mixing Tank




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Electrical Heating Mixing Tank

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The product has removable top cover, with the function of automatic temperature control and mixing. And it also have the feature of fast heat transmission, adjustable to the temperature changing, convenient for cleaning. It has been widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and oil industry as for heating, mixing and disinfecting equipment.. This is especially used in the enterprise of non-steam heating and technical institute testing. The product can be made as full-sealed structure according to the requirement.
Main Structure Behavior
1.Heating Method: insert the electric sticks into the jacket, then pour into the oil or water as heating media, then the tank will be heated after the electric sticks work.
2.Heating Temperature: ≤100℃;Heating time: 30min~90min(adjust to the requirement)
3.Temperature Control: using thermocouples and temperature controller to adjust the heating temperature.
4.Top Cover: two-light frame cover, convenient to clean.
5.Jacket Style: full jacket, pouring into oil and water, in order to control the temperature.
6.Housing Treatment: mirror-polishing or sand.
7.Mixing Speed: 15-150r/min;mixing paddle: frame, anchor, paddle, turbo type.
8.Configuration: Electric Control Box, Temperature Controller, Liquid Feeder, Medium Feeder, Vent Hole, Oil Spilling Hole and so on.
9.Material: inner tank SS 304/316, Jacket Q235-A or SS 304, Housing SS 304.
10.All the Connecting hole and welding parts circular arc excessively. Better to clean.

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