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EB-SYS pneumatic actuator




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EB-SYS pneumatic actuator The scotch-yoke principle in the EB actuators exactly matches the valve torque characteristics,thus reducing size and air consumption. Technical data Torque range: 35 - 1470Nm (based on supply pressure 6 bar) End positions: exactly adjustable between /- 3° Limit switch- and Control valve-fitting: VDI / VDE 3845 Control pressure: min. 2,5 bar, max. 10 bar Control air: Filtered compressed air dry or lubricated.The pressure condensation point in accordance with (ISO 8573-1:2010, Class 3) has to be ≥ - 20°C or 10°C under ambient temperature.The maximum particle size in accord-ance with (ISO 8573-1:2010, Class 5) should not exceed 40 μm.For cycles ≥ 4 /min please lubricate. Temperature range: -20°C to 80°C (standard) -40°C to 80°C (low temperature) -15°C to 120°C (high temperature) Valve interface: EN ISO 5211 Cylinder liner: high quality marine grade Aluminium alloy, hard anodized. other coatings upon request.
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