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National standard flange ball valve




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The national standard flange ball valve of Anix is manufactured on the basis of many years’ experience in development and manufacture of ball valves: 1. the valve seat is designed to be of double lip seal structure to enhance sealing and reduce the operation torque; the valve seat can be made of various materials, suitable for more areas; 2. the valve rod is designed to be of explosion proof structure and bottom mounting type to prevent flying out under pressure; PTFE guide is also used to reduce friction on the valve rod and reduce the operation torque; 3. the valve is designed to be of fireproof and anti-static structure; it can also be customized according to the requirements of the clients or the working conditions.

Design Standard
Technical code: national standard
Design standard: GB/T 12237
Structural length: GB/T 12221
Connecting flange: GB/T 9113 JB 79
Test and inspection: GB/T 12237 JB 9092

Performance Specification
Nominal pressure: 1.6, 2.5, 4.0. 6.3Mpa
Strength test: 2.4, 3.75, 6.0, 9.45Mpa
Seal test: 1.76, 2.75, 4.4, 6.93Mpa
Back seal test: 1.76, 2.75, 4.4, 6.93Mpa
Gas seal test: 0.6Mpa
Valve body material: WCB(C), CF8(P), CF3(PL), CF8M(R), CF3M(RL)
Applicable media: water, oil, gas, chemical industry, power stations, etc.
Applicable temperature: -29℃ to 180℃

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