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You need a cleaner for small flows with mechanical cleaning effect against incrustations?

The cleanersDUNOSRB, as theDUNOSOseries, are hydraulically driven over a turbine. The nozzle achieves a high cleaning effect, even in case of very small flow and thus controlled mass application.
The spraying pattern, which can be selectively optimized for your process, provides results you had to do without till now. Don’t do without the progress. We will create a cleaner for you which will meet your requirements.
The special strength of this cleaner arises for example wherever you have to achieve much with small quantities. Particularly when a mixing vessel has to be rerinsedfrom batch to batch.

The essential advantages at one glance: 
   Spot jet with mechanical cleaning effect.
   Efficient cleaning of the target zone in the vessel at any rotation.
14 rpm.
   Individually adjustable target zone/jet effect.
   Individually projectable flow.
   High effect with small mass.
   Minimum clearance volume and self-cleaning.
   Option: inlet lances with connection to vessel for an optimal positioning.
   ATEX approval.

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