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Zhejiang Yuanan Liquid Equipment Co., Ltd. 

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No.155 High-Tech Industrial Road, Yongqiang,Longwan District,
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    About Zhejiang Yuanan Liquid Equipment Co., Ltd. 
    Yuanan has been the domestic famous brand of the professional high precision liquid equipments manufacturers since 1999. For high-quality, our name is remembered by many well-known enterprises including TianShiLi pharmaceutical Company, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Shanghai Guangming, Unilever, Guangzhou Danone, Huiyuan Group, Wahaha Group, Coca Cola, Budweiser beer, Tsingtao Beer and others domestic customers ,also including some Yuanan international cooperated machinery companies.

    Yuanan headquarters has set up two factories: Shanghai Yuanan and Zhejiang Yuanan. In shanghai production base covers 280,000 square meters and the area of structure is 28,500 square meters. In Zhejiang production base’s area is about 650,000 square meters. We have five business departments: sanitary tubes department and sanitary pumps department in Shanghai Yuanan, and sanitary valves department, sanitary pipe fittings department and industrial valve department in Zhejiang Yuanan. Our products are widely used in bio-pharmaceuticals, beer, grape wine, white wine, dairy, food, beverage, ice-cream, cosmetic, chemical and other industries.

    The pursuing of quality is endless in Yuanan. We use first-class digital-controlled machines like CNC for production and cooperate with Germany Company for technique, adhering to the rigorous practical attitude. Raw materials supplies are from Shanghai NO.5 Steel and Taiwan Walsin Lihwa Corp. All of our products are made and tested strictly according to ISO, IDF, DIN, ASME-BPE, SMS and 3A industrial standards. All product quality completely meets GMP requirements.
    Excellent products should match up with the marketing, as the same outstanding after-sale services and competitive prices are important. For well controlling the cost, Yuanan adopted strategies of challengers by ensuring the prices and after-sale services are competitive once entered the markets. The market is the best objective judgment. You respect him and he gives you the best impartial answer. Yuanan developed fast and our customers are all over the world. And most of customers are famous enterprises that have strict requirements to the suppliers. Yuanan not only gets the wide accepts of customers, but also is paid close attention by international competitors. For the young Yuanan has become the best competitive sanitary industrial leader.

    With an aim to become an everlasting enterprise with evergreen foundation, Yuanan always behaves sincerely and carefully. We are energetic, intelligent and know what to do and how to do. Yuanan conducts a strategy of technological and management innovation.Adhering to the idea of “More Precision, Much Better, All Made in Yuanan”, we are always ready to seek new leaps in wider fields and higher levels.
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