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16720 W. Victor Road New Berlin 53151 WISCONSIN,USA
Wisconsin,WISCONSIN 53151
United States
F:1 262-797-5735
P:1 262-797-5730
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    About DEFINOX Inc.
    DEFINOX, an international Group

    Key dates...

    1968 Creation of a new section dedicated to dairy applications as part of a diversification strategy.

    1970 Birth of the DEFINOX brand

    1983 American subsidiary DEFINOX Inc. set up in the United States

    1995 Jules Verne Achievement Award for the design of an electronic control unit

    2000 Export Congress “2000-2010 Strategy”

    2006 DEFINOX Beijing Ltd set up in China

    2010 DEFINOX SAS set up

    2011 Birth of the Starwheel ® brand (injection system)

    2012 PackServices creation (Customers Service)

    2013 Birth of Safety Air Vent AVX1 range

    2014 Launch of the new LED control unit

    Today, Definox is present in over 50 countries and our products are used by the most prestigious brands in the agri-foods, cosmetics, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors.
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